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Chocolate Almond Amaretto & Espresso Self-saucing Pudding

Chocolate Almond Amaretto & Espresso Self-saucing Pudding

Impress your guests with this absolutely decadent dessert. What can go wrong, Chocolate Almond, Espresso & Armaretto, OMG!! 

40gm     Brown Sugar
½           Egg
25gm     Butter

100gm   Flour
25gm     Ground Almond
2gm       Baking Powder
1gm       Salt
15gm     Cocoa Powder
15gm     Instant Coffee

2gm       Vanilla Essence
40gm     Small Batch Chocolate Almond Butter
60gm     Milk

80gm     Caster Sugar
15gm     Cocoa Powder
50ml      Amaretto Shot
30ml      Espresso Shot
220ml    Hot Water

Cream Egg & Sugar, add cooled melted butter. Sieve together Flour, Ground Almond, Baking Powder, Salt, Instant Coffee & 1st Cocoa. Add alternately with Milk, Vanilla & Small Batch Chocolate Almond Butter. Portion 60 grams batter loosely into buttered & floured molds (Dariole), don't press down.

Sprinkle remaining sugar/cocoa on top. Mix Espresso Shot, hot water and Amaretto and pour 50grams over each pudding.

Bake at 160c for 20 minutes. Watch, if sauce starts to boil over sides open the oven to cool and drop temperature to 140c for remaining cooking time. Pudding should turn out easily with sauce flowing over the top. Serve with quality ice-cream and berries.


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