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Batch Crafted Peanut Butter for Serious Flavour

Batch Crafted Peanut Butter for Serious Flavour

Nuts About Quality

Here at Small Batch in Mount Maunganui, we are passionate about producing premium peanut butter with flavour that exceeds rival products. We don’t just make peanut butter, but when we do, we make the best peanut butter. So what is so special about what we are doing? Let’s delve a little into the processes and ideas that set Small Batch apart from the rest.

Hand-Made Goodness

‘Artisan’ is a word that gets bandied about a lot these days. What does it actually mean? The Boss of all the words (Miriam-Webster) tells us that artisan products are those that “require a specific knowledge, caring or philosophy” and that the manufacture of an artisan product “is most often carried out by hand”. So Small Batch at the Mount is an artisan producer. We work out of a small, custom-fit kitchen, rather than a large factory that makes a host of products. We approach every jar like a great chef approaches a plate.

Start With the Best

Because we don’t run our peanut butter business out of a factory, we are able to focus more on fine-tuning our processes. Our approach is to always start in the Small Batch kitchen with the best ingredients and we possess knowledge that comes from many years producing artisan foods. The Small Batch team is managed by a real chef who leans in hard to organic principles and understands what quality looks like.

Health Benefits

Our peanut butter is made from high-oleic peanuts. This means that every nut that goes into a Small Batch jar is full of monosaturated fats - those are the good ones that you’ll also find in avocados. High-oleic foods are good for heart health, have been shown to lower blood pressure, and the lipids contained in high-oleic foods are also said to be great for your skin.

Keeping It Small

Along with choosing the best peanuts, Small Batch also roasts by hand in small amounts - hence the term ‘small batch’. This means we have complete control over what goes into our peanut butter. Quite simply, it’s the best peanuts and a little salt! We work on the roasted nuts gently, producing a few different consistencies to please the crunchy connoisseur and the smooth sailor. Then we take it up a notch.

Straight From the Jar

We sell some pretty outrageously good blends of peanut butter that you will want to devour straight from the jar. Small Batch Honey Peanut Butter is stirred with Sweet Life Honey from Papamoa, this Rewarewa honey and peanut butter mix is a true taste sensation! We also make small batches of Chocolate Peanut Butter and the Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter that you have been waiting for your whole life.

Small Batch in Mt Maunganui may be small, but we are mighty. Hit the Shop button now and prepare to experience the finest tasting peanut butter in New Zealand.
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